Inventor Joe Holden's Damless 2Stage Hydro Turbine

June 12, 2012, 1:40 am
Source: Angel's Nest
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Demo Holden Turbine Lowest

Cost Electricity on the Planet!

  Mon, Jul 12, 2010 at 3:56 PM
Dear All:

What a privilege to be able to meet Joe Holden and to be present for the dynamic demo. 

Here is a
movie of the 3 video clips taken during the demo: 
Demo of Inventor Joe Holden's Damless 2Stage Hydro Turbine:  Lowest Cost Electricity on the Planet!  More info at
World's Nest:

I have already shared the info with ABC4All Co-Founder, Robert "Bob" Chew who will be aware of the info.

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For those trying PAW: 
PAW Brochure: (download/print)

PAW Working Documents:

Gen Info:  Plasma Activated Water (PAW)


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Joseph Thomas Holden (Inventor, Scientist,
Engineer, and  Consulting)
For the benefit of the planet and the future generations.
D.O.B. January 9, 1930 Staffordshire, England
In 1942, at age 12, Joe Holden was orphaned from the German Blitz Bombing raid. He was forced to live in sewers & coverts of Birmingham. England. In 1946, at age 16, he entered Advanced Specialized Training as an OSS commando.  From 1947 to 1960, Joe Holden, inventor, scientist, Engineer, & OSS Commando, worked in Rolls Royce’s highly classified Research & Development Center.  In the entrance of Joe’s work place, a sign (written by Joe) reads:
1944 Graduated Silver Str. Council School, Warwickshire, England
1946-1956  Apprenticeship with Rolls Royce. Gained one of the 10 seats for the University for graduates. Completed training with Rolls Royce in 1956 and worked for them for the next 13 years. Educated and trained: Automotive: Inclusive in the program was any equipment that could travel on the surface that could support its own weight.
Aircraft: Any equipment that could operate above any solid or liquid medium.
Marine: Any equipment that operates on or below a fluid medium.
1948 Invented, patented and tested the afterburner, assigned to Rolls Royce.
1950 Designed, built and tested the first ball and socket constant velocity joint.
1951 Designed and built proto type aircraft with air slats. Received pilot's license.
1952 Military special operations in Korea (Classified)
1953 Developed first Thrust Tube for aircraft
1954 Redesigned Brave gun boats and installed 2 Napier Deltic Diesels. Performance increased from 45 knots to 70 knots. Acceleration time from 40 seconds to 30 seconds. Received Captains license for vessels.
1956 Graduated and passed finals to enter the research and development group.
Birmingham University R & D Division A.M.I. Mech.E.
College, Universities, Organizations and Graduate Degrees
* Practical and Theoretical Courses taken at these institutes to meet Rolls Royce Criteria.
* Selly Oak Technical College                          
* Politechnical College
* Bristol Technical College                               
* Preston Technical College
* London University                                        
* Bristol University
* Manchester University                                   
* Oxford University
* Cambridge University
* Royal Collage of Navel Architecture and Marine Engineering
* Birmingham University Graduated A.MI Mech. E. Auto, Aircraft, Marine, 1956
1957 Research on Hover craft. Solved stability and maneuvering problems
1958 Research for the Harrier Jump Jet for stability, maneuvering and combat operations.
1959           Research with air induction control for the Concord Engines.
1960 Research for Thrust Tubes to work in Fluids.
Note: The Thrust Tubes as know today are derived from the redesigned Brave Gun boat
         Tunnel hull, the Hover craft, the Harrier jump jet, the Concord and the coanda
1961 Research for amphibious craft for military operations.
1962- 1966 Research and military operations in Vietnam - 17 missions Classified
1967 Research on hull design to reduce drag and turbulence.
1969 Transferred to USA for TAC and SAC nuclear Bombers. Classified
1975 Became US citizen. Marine engineer at Newton Marine, TX. NASA
1980 Designed and built 71 knot chase boat for the US Customs Classified
1983 Designed and retrofit a barge with the Thrust Tube propulsion system
1984 Research to advance Thrust Tube propulsion for all classes of vessels.
1985 Begun design for proto type in Norway
1986 Built and started testing full sized proto type in Norway. 30 Knot Plaining hull.
1987 Did research for oil skimmer
1988 Research, design and model testing for a new type of oil skimmer to meet
         international standard. Final approval granted in 1993.
1990 Designed and built windmills for the Dept of Energy St. Croix VI.
1993 Patented Thrust Tube
1994 Made an Honoree Member of United States Merchant Marine Academy.
1995 Member of the Houston Inventors Association.
1996 Researched and developed a new type of Hydroelectric Turbine that did not
         require a dam.
1997 Began building new hydroelectric Turbine. First prototype. Completed and
         tested in 1999.
1999 Moved to AR.
2001 Researched, designed and built mulch machine and conveyer system.
2002 Researched, designed seed thrower, can also be modified to flight fires. Also,
designed an in water pipe pressure relief valve that can also be used to generate electricity. Did design for new hydroelectric turbines. Designed 4 power stages. Began building of the prototype. Complete and did initial test in 2005.
2006 Researched, designed new more efficient windmill power stations.
2007 Designed 3 off-the-grid homes that passed code for New Mexico
2007 Developed first solar steam turbine powered by a Fresnel lens for Life seed International Trust
2008-2009 Designed the first total off-the-grid foundry that produced more energy than it used and put the surplus energy into the grid
2009 Designed equipment to remove methane from animal waste for energy production and the solid leftover for other fuels and fertilizer.
2007-2009 I have been working on developing renewable energy along with green building materials and sustainable systems.
Teachers in Aircraft
Sir Frank Whittle. Gas Turbine inventor
Sir Thommy Sopwith, Sr. Designer and manufacture of the Sopwith Camel fighter airplane of the first world war.
Sir Thommy Sopwith Jr. Founder with his father of the Hawker Aircraft Co., Designer and manufacturer of the Hurricane, Sea Fury, Tempest, Typhoon and Harrier Jump Jet, Etc.
A.V. Roe Sr. Avro Aircraft Co., Cunningham, designer, builder, test pilot, ect. of Bristol Aircraft Co. Test pilot of the Concord. Barry Homer, test pilot and instructor with unorthodox modifications for special operations.
Sir Christopher (Frank) Cockrell, Inventor of the Hover Craft.
Automotive Teachers
All of the Rolls Royce Engineers, scientific staff and research people.
Marine Teacher
All of the Rolls Royce Engineers, scientific staff and research people as well as Donald Napier, the inventor of the Napier Deltic Diesel engine. John Thorneycroft and his son, designers and builders of high performance military and private vessels. Camper Nichols, specialty designer and builder of all types of marine craft.
Military Teachers
Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Commandos, Airborne, Special Services,
1948: Certain English industries became nationalized and place under a given leader by the name of Lord Nuffield. This person was an engineer, scientist, aviator, held a ships captain license, machinist, and manufacturer. He designed, patented, and manufactured all of the Nuffield tractors and farm implements and motor vehicles from the Morris Minor car to the super heavy duty multi axle trucks. Under Lord Nuffield's were the companies: Automotive, Diesel Engineers, Land gear, Rolls Royce, Leyland, Austin, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Daimler, Lagonoa, Bristol, Gardner, Rushton, Bucines, Lister, Petter, Rover, and Perkins.
Lord Nuffield Controlled Aircraft Companies
DeHaviland, Short Brothers Avro Glouster, Bristol, hawker, Supermarine Fairey, Miles, Sauners Roe.
Lord Nuffield Controlled Marine Companies
Fairey, Fisher, Napier, Brave, Brown, Camel lairds, Thorneycroft, Camper Nicholson, Sanunders Roe.
Under the control offfield these companies were pulled together and formed an elite research and development program where all companies benefited from one another. Later on it became known as the impossible and miracle group. I set my goal to be part of that group. And I became part of that group




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