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Make A Difference!

How you feel after you made a difference!


A Message From the Author:

I wrote this workbook for one reason; to give you the skills and tools to be effective citizens in your community and your life.

Let’s face it, in most cases, community service hours are a requirement, but doing acts of loving kindness, being generous, compassionate and stepping outside of yourself to give back to your community is a blessing and can be a lot of fun too!

With the growing demand by high school, college and religious requirements to fulfill “service hours”, you guys are given the wrong idea.

This is not one more task to check off your list. This is an awesome opportunity to show ‘em what you got! Show ‘em that you are a caring, creative and dynamic individual, rooted in a value system that is preparing you to go on in life and do great things!

When my kids needed to do a service project, I realized that I had shown them what community service looks like, but they had no clue on where to start creating their own project. There are tons of ways to show up to a food bank and stock shelves, or collect eye glasses for the needy, but what if you took it a bit further and empowered your community and local businesses, got the press involved, started a campaign, held an event to better address the needs of the food pantry or eye clinic?  Do you think you would have a better impact in helping the needy? Do you think you would have learned some amazing new skills? Do you think your community would have enjoyed being a part of the process? Imagine the selfless giving you would experience. Imagine the feeling you can have when you know you did something awesome to help someone in need?

That’s all I want to impress upon you with some simple steps. I just want to show you what you’ve already got!

One person does make a difference, whether you mean to or not. It just depends on what kind of difference you are going to make. So, why not Make A Difference in a great way!

Thank you for Making A Difference!


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